Friday, 13 November 2009

What's New?

There is a new group in SL called What's New? and I am very, very happy to be a member. Not only are all the notices only from quality designers but there are also mucho mega crap ton loads of awesome gifts in the notices. Woo!From Left To Right:
Dress: Ingenue
Lingerie: Insolence
Tee Shirt and Pants: Hilarious
Toe Socks: SLink
Sweater Dress: Tart
Side Pony Hair: Magika
Braids Hair: Tiny Bird

These items shown are not even all of the gifts. And it's not just fashion! There are furniture pieces too! My computer is acting up today or I would show you some *sad face*.Leather Outfit: Adam N Eve
Green Outfit: Stellar
Denim Skirt: E'Dior
Cardigan: Miseria

Here is a close up of the skin too. it's from Idiosyncrasy and I am posting it even though I hear the store owner is a total jerk. Hehe.Hair: Hair Solutions
Skin: Idiosyncrasy

I am not including slurls to each store directly because...well...I'm tired and lazy. And now you know. :D But here is a link to the What's New SL group for you to find more information. To bring up the group in search just type "What's New" in the group search area and you'll see it.

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