Friday, 13 November 2009

50L friday!

Hi from Mijn again! well today i sfriday and as you know it's time for some 50L friday! Here is what I do with the cutiest 50L friday ever seen... XD (credits will be only for the 50L friday items)

*free* n4 b

ME n.1 (only 50L items)

- /artilleri/ Knit earmuffs! (all colors!) *red
- /artilleri/ Taylor scarves *red/aqua
- dress from (Elate!) Tuli (Navy)
- furnitures from =HooT=
- hair from lamb

*free* n.4 c

ME n.2 (only 50L friday credits)

- shirt from This is a Fawn
- vest from Pig
- necklace and bracelet from Miel
- eyeglasses from DECO

*free* n4 a

ME n.3 (only 50L friday credits)
- shirt from (5th&Oxford)
- hair from lamb

so here there ar eall the stores in 50L friday today with LMs!!
- Artilleri
- Hoot
- Lamb
- Pig
- This is a Fawn
- Turnip's homes and stuff
- Miel
- Elate
- Callie Cline
- Split Pea
- Turquoise Unicorn Studios
- Schadenfreude
- Penny Dreadful Arcade
- 5th & Oxford

Have fun!


discombobulated said...

I love those shoes!!! where are they from? or did i miss it on your entry? lol

Mijn Seoung said...

aww you don't miss them...they're not free or 50L friday... anyway they're from ===Valor===3Way Short Boots Black

here is the slurl for you:

Lissy said...

mmmk love the undies here too xD