Saturday, 1 August 2009

Creator's Stamp Rally!


Thank you, CSR! I'm in (and on) a few of the cool items from this Summer's Creator's Stamp Rally. Click that URL to figure out how to do it and to see all of the prizes.

***Sheep Av: **DP**yumyum shy sheep /2009 choice
***Outfit: Edelweiss School Blazer Cure option #567 & 79...
***Hamu cage: Vooner Hamster Box CSR gift
***Camper: Picnic Camping Car CSR gift


CSR items! (Go here to see how to do it!)
***Outfit: Edelweiss School Blazer Cure #1
***Skin: Sweets Party Kirakira skin and eyes
***Hair: Uw.St Rouvel Hair type A CSR
***Treehouse: DLab CSR treehouse


Mmm, the three Den-Dou Vampire skins alone are worth the whole stamping journey! Not to mention the awesome Sick outfit and the garden cart from iTuTu (which looks so fitting in my garden).

CSR items! (Go here to see how to do it!)
***Garden item: iTuTu sunflower cart and planting box
***Skin: Den-Dou Vampire - Mona - Dawn1 (THREE MAKEUPS :D )
***Hair: Uw.St Rouvel-Hair type B Angel
***Outfit: SICK Jacket Set CSR choice! with pants and boots and a combat hud

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