Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Moar Fair Goodies

I've had these pics sat on my Flickr for a day or so now, I figured I'd best post em :P

As I'm sure you're all aware, not only can you buy amazing hair at Hair Fair, but most of the designers have yummy dollarbies out for you. Stumbling across the Posh booth was like heaven. Not only is the hair beyootiful, they have 3 gift bags out for you. The dress shown here is in one of said bags. Shown with a Fair exclusive hair from Fuel...yup Cleggy's bak!

The top is a group gift from Modd.G, there is a joining fee, but it's well worth it. The shorts are part of another gift bag from Posh, that was also stuffed full of hair *swoon* The hair shown here is also from Fuel, but didn't make it out in time for the fair, so you can find it at her main store, for only 200L per colour pack. And with that short and sweet post, I'm off to socialise with my cousin who's come to stay for a few days. Ash Out.

pic 1
Posh Hair Fair Dollarbie
Socks (not free)
Boots (not free)
Pic 2
Modd.G group gift
Posh Hair Fair Dollarbie
Bandaid (not free)

Skin worn throughout
Lazolli group gift
Hair worn throughout(not free)
Fuel Main Store & Fuel @ Hair Fair


Kristin Cabaret said...

I didn't realize there is a new Lazolli group..I was still in the old one lol

britta said...

Ash where do you get your tats? I can never find any I like, but I always love yours.

Ashia Tomsen said...

I have a few faves, but the 2 stores I wear very often are Aitui and Garden Of Ku, be warned though, you'll want to buy the whole store :P