Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A hunt worthwhile

L'Abel, formerly known as Ivalde are having a hunt on the beautiful newly re-built sim. This hunt starts....NOW...and will run until possibly Saturday this weekend.

Looky here then, I've got a sneaky preview of some of the beautiful outfits you can find in the eggs. There are many more to find from stores on the sim, not shown here.

ivalde hunt 2

ivalde hunt 1

ivalde hunt 3

TP to L'Abel, there are 8 eggs (or more) to find. Have fun.

Also worn
Giselle & Maggie Hair: Tiny Bird (the Maggie hair with the bangs is a Bunny Hop Gift, Updo Giselle is not free)
Coco Shoes: Kookie (not free)
Poses: PIDIDDLE in pic 1 & 2(not free)
and also Free*Style poses (pic 3)

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Beulah said...

Thanks for the post - great pics