Wednesday, 8 April 2009

embarrasing grandma stories.

(This post was inspired by the awesome Marly's Tre Salon Blond hair, with the most amazing colour change rollers. Also, my grandmother isn't a freak show, but this is a tribute to all those strange grandmother out there. Respect to you, my friends. You are my fashion inspiration.)

Something not free, but delicious, is the new [42] Skin, called Replicant. It has four makeup types, and my favourite features this distinct black smoke eye make-up. Not for the shy! And perfect for a statement granny.


Sexy grandma dresses in scarlet and waits on her weathered porch everyday at the same time.

All sexy grandma's colour co-ordinate.

Red and Black Striped bra top (comes with underpants) From Luna's Boutique group.
Red and Black desert Scarf From Luna's Boutique group.
::Humming:: red shorts with prim cuff. ($1l)
Special Edition Egg Flats from 50 Flats (Easter Limited Edition). (Free).


'Where the hell am I? Where the hell is my shirt? Where the hell are my feet!?'

[Intimizzo] Bra (not free)
**Sen** Skirt (free, or 1L)
/Artilleri/ necktie, from Xmas time.



::Humming:: blue cardigan with built-in floral blouse (not free, but about 30L)

'What do you mean I can't wear ice skates in the nursing home?!'

Cardigan- Cupcakes! Subscribo Joining gift.
Flower corsage- ***Sen*** (free) Also, is colour change!!
Ice skates- :Decolletage: (free, or 1L). Also comes with build in skate AO and swirl!!)
(Skirt is part of +++Blue Blood+++ Rhin, which is amazing. You need to see it!!)

SKIN: [42]
Hair: Marly's
Both not free, but amazing!!


Marly Vaughan said...

Thanks so much for this POST! I giggled SO MUCH when I saw it on the feed!

DarkParade Graves said...

Okay, this should NOT be this hard, but for the life of me, I can't find Luna's Boutique, or the group.

Any suggestions?

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Hey DarkParade.
Go lurk on my profile and you'll see the Luna's Boutique group.

Then add away, my friend!
The gifties should be in notices
*crosses fingers*

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Ha ha!
You like my silly-grandma stories Marly?

The hair made me do it! I swear!


DarkParade Graves said...

Thanks, hun!