Thursday, 27 November 2008

Random T Day Goodness!

Goodness gracious! How is everyone? It is I, your crazed law student, days away from exams and out of my g. d. (I'm so crass!) mind. Free*Style blogging has always been an awesome study break, so that's how I'm going to justify my taking the time to post a few goodies. *guilty look and shifty eyes*

There's a new-ish Katat0nik dress in the lucky chair that is completely fun for the Fall and Winter season with a white turtleneck and jumper. You can also score a snowmonster doll that is the kyootness! I paired it with Calla's subscribe-o-matic hair style gift with 5 gazillion hair colors. Ok, so there might not be that many but there are quite a few color options to play with.

Speaking of lucky chairs, Sn@tch has tons of new stuff in the two chairs in-store including shooz, full outfits, and other good stuffs. I was lucky a la the lucky chair gods to snag this outfit and I lurves the skirt. It's proving to be a new wardrobe staple and worth the time stalking it!

The shop at Greenies has this retro style dress for a mere $1L and is totally worth roaming the lawn to find. (Just do "show on map" for a beacon there.) I'm loving these pumps too, a free gift in store at Zenith.
In the spirit of Black Friday tomorrow, I'm showing something that is not free but on sale for $50L. This adorable corset set is from Crimson Shadow and got me in the Christmas spirit. I think $50L is so worth it just for these adorable little wings. I also paired it with a smoking hot Slink skin that also isn't free, but is so well done that I can't seem to take it off. There's a lucky chair there too, so you can hopefully score some gifty goodness while checking it out!

That's all from me, folks! I'll be posting a few sneak previews of the Peace on Earth hunt that Suri mentioned, which I hear is going to involve over THREE HUNDRED stores starting December 2nd. Luckily, there will be a whole month to hunt because it will take that long to get to them all! Ciao and happy thanksgiving!

Non-free items in this post:

Picture 1:
Sumi Skin (Pale/Purple Stars) ~ Tuli
Bowie Mary Jane Shoes ~ Katat0nik

Picture 2:
Doily Skin (Opaline) ~ Curio
Reed Hair (Black) ~ Deviant Kitties
Anubis Collar ~ SiniStyle
Spiked Cuff (Color Change) ~ Sn@tch
Boots ~ SiniStyle

Picture 3:
Ashley Hair (Black) ~ ETD (Go check out the $30L sale if you haven't already!)
Sylvan Skin (Ultralight) ~ Nomine

Picture 4:
Matte Red Skin ~ Slink
Hair ~ Kin


Harriet Gausman said...

I am totally going to grab that green dress, I love it - so retro and elegant. Thanks for spreading the word.

Focus Fashion Agency

Adaire DeCuir said...

So glad you like it! <3

Ashia Tomsen said...

*runs round in happy dance circles*
yay!! WB Adi <342352375

Kharisma said...

Gorgeous!! I love the green dress!

Also, a tip about a gorgeous blue tartan dress from Callie Cline for L$0 if ya'll don't know already. ^^

Creamy Cooljoke said...

I love your posts and miss ya, all this hard work will be worth it in the long run

Ohhhh Tartan dress at CAllie Cline, thanks Kharisma :)
I'm planning a tartan post for this weekend cos its St Andrews day here in Scotland tomorrow :)

Adaire DeCuir said...

Thanks for all the luffs, girlies! It gives me something to look forward to for sure. <3