Friday, 31 October 2008


Love.Love.Love have a mini hunt.
Until midnight today!

There are 6 baby pumpkins all over the and Wax Poetic mainstores in Kindly. They contain pretty awesome freebies and are set for $1L.

A message from Roberta:
They will ONLY be up until 12pm SLT TONIGHT. And then BAM! NO MORE FREEBIES!

And also check out the new stuff thats out and the cheap bin outside of the store for some old stuff marked down insaney cheap. mini hunt

Pose: IE Poses - Crossed Friends Pose, $1L

I am insanely bad at hunts, but I found 3, see if you can find the rest! Time is not on our side this time, do this hunt quickly!!

I am wearing this leopard cami from the hunt (#5), along with my sweater from Thimbles ($5L), as blogged by Creamy and her army of alts ;P

Also some skins are avaliable at the hunt (#6), and also a pumpkin dress called Bethy (#1).

Caeo wears a unisex sweater by Vanda Martens at *Luxurious World*, to celebrate her birthday she has this out in her store..go get them for a last minute festive colored clothing!


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