Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Ballad Of Barry And Freda

Ms Analee Balut has gone and spoilt us stupid again!! This amazing outfit is available in the main store now.


The skirt is just incredible, and you get a million and twenty two options.



The corset is so beautiful, check out the lacing detail on the back, feel free to zoom!


So run now my pretties!! ALB Dream Fashions (blogger may bugger up my link, last time I blogged this store the slurl wouldn't work no matter how many times I did it)


You can also pick up this set for 10l if you feel like camming.


Yes more ass shots, this cute set was too adorables to resist!! Pick yours up from Vinyl Cafe Fashions, out for a limited time only.

And without further ado, I present to you the video that distracted the shit outta me yesterday when I was supposed to be working, I present to you The Ballad Of Freda And Barry, enjoi, Ash out.

Other Shit
Hair (not free)

Tattoos (not free)

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Anonymous said...

where oh where is this skin from