Friday, 29 August 2008

To Love...And Endeavour!

I Got wind (not the kind that makes you fart) that Endeavour has an enticing lucky board! I swear to God I have been there the whole day, and I finally managed to get 2 things... Oriental Bustier including brooch!
Yes! I can pose anytime...any place...
Amber Eyes from the lucky board!
I am so lucky!
Sweetheart Beulah Mills let me know there is an 'S' on the Michelle Pumps lucky chair, you know me...I like to mismatch my shoes and I am so glad I got them! They normal retails at $289L per color.
On Suri
Endeavour - Oriental Bustier with Booch
Endeavour - Amber Eyes
Lya - Michelle Pumps


Anonymous said...

Whar is that skin from?

Suri Christen-Nightfire said...

EVERYONE!!! Please IM me in-world regarding questions of skins etc... you girls don't give me a name, how can I find you?

Ashia Tomsen said...

Anon, thats a Redgrave skin

Valentina Ott said...

i am really sorry...i guess i was log out...

Valentina Ott said...

and thx babe for info ;-*