Sunday, 31 August 2008

Limited Time, Unlimited Awesome.

As I'm wading through my legal research and recovering from a delightful hangover, I wanted to hit "pause" and show you a few things that I found this weekend that I lurrrve.

This first outfit is available for free in-store at Sn@tch just until midnight tonight (Sunday). The sheer top is a little risque with a lot of style, and Ivey's "Deadly" cords have been a staple in my wardrobe. I tend to patronize the heck out of designers that make easy to mix-and-match basics, as I'm not very adept at pushing the style envelope. (More than once I've broken out in virtual hives and canned a post because I wasn't sure if the outfit looked ok when I've mixed things together!)

The necklace in the above photo is from Rebel-X and one I'm pretty sure I've shown before, but just in case you haven't snagged it, you can pick that one up and two others for free upstairs in the shop.

How I ended up there was another story. I randomly asked Dove Swanson (all the poses from this post are by Long Awkward Pose by the way...\\o// I didn't forget!) if she'd been to any shops recently for some edgy clothing, and she sent me to Rebel-X. I ended up falling madly in love with the little shop - so much so that I have to show you a full-priced outfit. This "Mr. Bones" set includes not only the clothing, but a gazillion intricately detailed accessories with it, all for $350L. When I think about how much I usually blow just on accessories to match an outfit...well, I dun wanna think about that, but it's too much and to be able to get an outfit with all these accessories was meep-worthy.
There's a hunt going on in the House of Heart and Bewitched sims that has over 85 daisies with prizes in them. I think it ends at the close of the holiday weekend, if I recall correctly. While I peeked around looking for some, I heard a lot of different group chats with members saying, "85 Daisies! I'm so stressed!" Stress not, amigas...we can only do what we can. Many thanks to the generous designers for making it such a rad hunt.

Some of the daisies I did manage to find included a Tuli skin, eyes, and dress with some House of Heart hair that was just too cute not to show. (Not "kyoot!" I'm finally recovering from my excessive useage of "kyoot." At least I hope I am. [twitch])
Gecko helped me with the pictures today, as my PC has decided that connecting wirelessly to the Internet is not its "thing." Alas. I popped on this dress and the conversation went like:

G: Mmmm. That makes me want to yodel.
A: that a good thing?
G: Yuss. My little yodel girl.
A: You want me to yodel? Yodeling is sexy?
G: Well, maybe if you were naked when you did it.
A: [rolls eyes]

Last but certainly not least is this dress from Marinoco Fashion that is available for $1L in-store for group members. The designer changes her dollarbies regularly, so best to grab it now if pink and poofy is your thing. I paired it with another House of Heart hairstyle I found on the daisy hunt in a misguided attempt to look a little more couture and a little less barbie. Please, don't be too harsh! [grins]
And that concludes the end of my procrastination that I can justifably relish in. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend!!

P.S. A few designers have recently lamented to me about how the "picks" in profiles really influences where their shop ends up after a search. Many of them can't afford to pay customers money like some megastores do, and it really helps them out a lot if you include them in your profile. So, if you want to thank Silent Sparrow for the lucky chair goodness and group gifts, or House of Heart for the great hunts, or Sn@tch for how many awesome freebies are put out regularly, or any number of talented designers that are so generous, one of the best things you can do is make theeir store a "pick" in your profile. Thanks!! xx

Non-free items in this post:
"Streetwalkers ~ Plain Janes" shoes by Sn@tch
"Casket" hair by ARGRACE
"Deception" boots by SiniStyle
"Angel" jewelry set by Violet Voltaire


Anonymous said...

Tuli's skin is hard to find, i am searching since yesterday, could you give at least a hint in which way i should look?

Adaire DeCuir said...

Sure, but under pain of death, tell no one! Oh wait...maybe someone else is reading this, lol.

Check out Tuli's demos at the HoH location. :D

Tae Baxton said...

Hi Adaire,

Where you found the medieval blue dress?



Jemmy said...

Soooo now that the hunt is over, where was the Tuli skin anyways? I couldn't find it anywhere! :(