Thursday, 6 December 2007

New Shooooz!!

Shoe-fest today!!

First up, Maitreya have given us a new pair of shoes as a group gift as they are moving location to Glam World (location not available yet, but the LM is in the box).

These adorable red leopard print heels will go with so many oufits I have acquired lately.


I'm liking 'em with a pair of long socks for a preppy look. (These socks are part of the preppy outfit from Cake, not free).

maitreya shoes_001

Kie Jinn found these cute lil froggy flats from VIVA for 1L on on-rez and gave them to me as a pressie (these were transfer, so would make a perfect Xmas pressie). Thankyooo Kie!! I love these....ribbit..ribbit!! (that's supposed to be a frog noise). I just disovered these are also available for free in the VIVA store...HOP over and get them!


I was surfing the Fashion feed and spotted these little AI Studio's ballet flats on the Second Style weekly roundup of I TP'd direct to AI Studio's to get these, a bargain at only 1L!! Also in the store is a selection of great 1L t shirts for guys, and some lovely 1L jewellery for the girlies.


Night night, it's my beddy time.


Anonymous said...

I love the shoes from Maitreya, even though sculpties take forever to load for me...

Also, those shoes I gave you from OnRez were 0L, not 1L... (at least they were when I bought them).

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Oooh!! Thanks Kie, I was mistaked. These froggy shoes were FREE in the store. It was late, that's my excuse :))