Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Fantasy Faire
April 21st to May 1st
A Charity Event for Relay for Life

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Powercourse - 1 
Some beings just can't help it, and are drawn by the power. It swirls elegantly, butterflies forming as manifestations, fluttering in looping rings around the core crystal. Darkness and Light are trapped within, combating for supremacy, an ever present struggle mimicking that of the world.

Few can harness but a fraction of the power within. Few can gently glide a finger across the crystal, and come back unscathed.

It is a treasure, this crystal, and all it's power. It is also a bit of a curse, the denizens of the area now being forced to not only maintain their own lifestyle, but protect and take care of this embodiment of power. It protects them, and they protect it.

A few times every century, the power trapped within starts to leak. This attracts all manors of nasty creatures, from the depths of the waters the crystal gently whirls above, to far off lands, so different from those here.

In these times, they ask for help, gathering their strongest allies, from far and wide, to siphon off portions of the power.

Zet'streya was one of the few who could touch the power full on, and has touched multiple times over the years. She is very old, though her body may seem youthful and toned. Not much is known of her kind, other than to her people. It is said she holds a part of the divine, and she has a hand in both side, to better able her in restoring the balance of darkness and light. She also holds a piece of every creature of her homeland, big or small, within her, which leads to why she has such a unique appearance, even to her own people. It is also said she looked fairly normal(by her peoples terms) when she was but a child, a priestess of her peoples Deities.

When the time is near, and the call goes out, she always comes. Maybe once, in the years past, someone knew the reason why. Her people say she has never traveled to any other land, for any other reason.

A festival is always held, for she is one of the few that people enjoy to see come siphon the crystal. She is kind, even though she never talks. She seems to enjoy children and the small sprites and fae the most.

The time always comes, when she cannot help herself any longer, and she leaves the square, alighting with wing, to fly to the crystal. This is what the people wait for.

For some who can harness the power, they capture the power rings that flow outwardly from the core crystal. Zet'streya goes right to the core, touching it with hand, and all manor of light encases her. It is different than that of the manifestations the crystal seems to make. It is like a beam of light, hued nearly to her own colour, with sparks that burst off wherever it touched her. As she siphons, it gets brighter and brighter, until she seems to be encased in fireworks.

The people cheer, beholding the wonder that is she. Some only ever get to see this once in a lifetime, so it is a rare wonder to behold.

Once she harnesses all she can hold, she drops to the water, walking upon the surface, as she heads back to shore. If anyone ever paid that much attention, you could surmise it is the only hint as to how tasking it is to gather that excess power. I am sure she would fly, if she could, at that point.

She stays with us, for a week or so, after that. It is said she wants to make sure others don't overly collect from the crystal, once they arrive. It is said she does it to protect us, in the short time she is away from her own homelands. Some even whisper is it the crystal, that keeps her here, until she can unbind herself from the seductive threads or power.

Whatever it may be, the help is always there, and we are grateful. Interwoven is she, with our crystal, with our people. Horror the day that she does not heed our call. We say a prayer, a small thing,

Crystal Powercourse,
tendrils build and grow,
oh, the powerful force,
eager to let go.

Lady of Farlondun
heed our call,
oh, winged one,
so we do not fall.

Long Live Zet'streya.

Helena Stringer - Fantasy Faire 2016 - Powercourse - 2

BluPrintz has created all sorts of interesting things for Fantasy Faire this year. I am just showing a small selection of the items you can find at the booth.

 The Horns are called Cepherio, and they are a gacha item. There are a bunch of different colourations for the commons, and the one with the halo(which I am wearing) is the Rare. I paired it with wings from Avatar Bizarre, also at the faire, and also a gacha item!

While not free, Plastik has some really cool skins for both guys and gals, new for the faire. I have been really enjoying these skins, the colours are so beautiful. Comes with a butt ton of appliers too, in the ladies pack, slink appliers for the guys.

I have a good friend sharing a booth with me this year, along with my sister. She has made some really awesome poses, and the one set is all revolved around wings. I used one of them in the first picture up top. The whole pack of wing poses is a charity item, 100% profits going to Relay for Life. So if you like wings, taking pictures, and poses, please visit Curvosity on the Serenity Sim. She has a little promotional pack to pick up with 5 fun poses, for only L$10 too!


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Allegory in Night
Hairbase Applier - KoKoLoRes - Shaved Hairbase for Genesis Lab Heads
Mesh Head & Eyes - Genesis Lab - Melissa Head & Eyes
Mesh Body & Hands - Slink - Physique Body & Casual Pose Hands
Skin Applier - Plastik - Constella Skin in Vehga - *NEW* @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Ears - Europa - Sylven Ears in Fair/Dark Tipped(colour matched to skin)
Tattoo - Timeless Fashion - Tribal Arrow Tattoo - L$1
Garment - BluPrintz - Cerafina Floating Tunic w/Colourchange Hud - *NEW* @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Armoured Undies - Luas - Darky Thong in Silver
Jewelry Set - RealEvil Industries -  Orbit Jewelry Set w/Texture Change Hud - L$0
Horns - BluPrintz - Cepherio Horns w/Halo - RARE Gacha Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Wings - Avatar Bizarre - Manticore Wings in Teal - Common Gacha Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016
Particle Beam - Cole's Corner - Manabeam in Aura - Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016

First pose by [Curvosity] - Winged Poses - *NEW* 100% Relay for Life Item @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.