Sunday, 10 January 2016

SL Free*Stylist - Shop Free*Style Item of the Day: Adore & Abhor

freebie jeebie

Today's Item of the Day is by Adore&Abhor, created by our very own Sileny Noel! This skin is free for everyone, and seems perfect for this cold winter season.

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***Pro Tip from the Girl with no Mesh Parts - If you are like me, and are like a 10th alt, so your main so can't afford to outfit you with any of the parts to bring you into SL 2016 era, just remember this: It's Winter. Put on some Mitts, Gloves, a Muff. Can't really help you if you are partial to Mesh Heads, maybe a paper Bag??? Have no feet either? Try some Mukluks, Uggs, Skates or Winter Boots.***