Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Computer Dead - I'm a Ghost - Welcome 2016!!!

Hey Guys, it has been a while.

So I went out over the holidays, and while I was out, the baby decided that dropping my computer off my work table would be a fun thing.

I have been dealing with the loss of it, and the new rig, for the last little while. Seems Windows 10 HATES second life and Firestorm. Official Viewer doesn't even support it. Hasn't it been out for like ever? Made me sort of glad I stuck to Windows 8, even with my general dislike of it.

I haven't recovered my data yet, and as of now, I do not have photoshop or any of my other programs on my new rig. It will take me a bit to transition back into my normal schedual, as I now have to catch up on work related things.

I wanted to let you know, I had lovely posts, and lovely welcome to the new years pics, just for all of you! I wore a gown and everything!

I do hope you all had an enjoyable holiday, and hope you will forge forth with the Free*Style team, into 2016.

I guess my 2015 went out with a BANG! then a pop and a fizzle, haha. Hopefully this doesn't mark me for bad luck for the new year.


In Honor of this momentous occasion, I am wearing the cutest little Ghost avi that you can find for only L$10 from Grendel's. I went to pick up the Holiday Gifts that were still out, and noticed this avatar. So if you like unique avatars for when you are out shopping the events and round, to sneak up on fashionistas, then come get this little guy and the other goodies. The Gifts are located by the big Christmas Tree.

Ghost Avatar can be found HERE.
 Shot on Location HERE.