Saturday, 10 October 2015

Twisted Hunt - Fall 2015

I had a late start to the blogging this year, as I had many of my own events to deal with for this holiday season. From now until Oct. 19th, you will be seeing as many of the Twisted hunt prizes, mini hunt prizes, gachas and whatever else designers have up for grabs in their store, here on Free*Style.

I'll never be able to get it all up, so if you want to see some more in depth coverage of the hunt, feel free to check out the SL Freebie Hunters blog. It use to be the place to go for hunts, but do to RL time constraints, the team does not cover as much as they use to. They do however do Twisted Hunt 2 times a year, so thanks goes to the team for that.

You can also check out the Official Twisted Hunt Flickr, for some of the vendor ads and other blogger pics.

Twisted Hunt is the hardest hunt on the grid, and my most favorite. I have been with it since the first, and have always enjoyed myself. There is a large and wonderful community, that tends to be as twisted as the cubes and the designers, which makes it all feel that much more worth the time spent. I think I talk to more people during Twisted, than I do all year, haha.

It is worth it to take a peak at the Official Twisted Hunt Site, if you have never participated in the hunt before. There is some really good information, so you don't get frustrated with the hunt.


My most important tip to you all is this:

The Cube has to be within 30 meters of the landing point. 

Not the store door, not the front step, not the front desk. Where you land, that is the start of the area where designers can hide the cube. Due to regional forced landing points, or even the way some stores and their scenery are laid out, sometimes cubes aren't even in the actual stores. They could be in the courtyard, they could be ten meters right above your head.

This is the one hard rule, and designers are made to move their cubes to comply with these terms, so you can always be guaranteed that cube is within that space.

However . . . 

Mini Hunts do not comply with this rule, so if you see a cube outside this zone, it is most likely a decoy, or a mini hunt item.
If you try to keep this tip in mind, it will help you so much, honest. Some hunters get blinded by the sizes of the stores. Don't, you really don't have to search that sim sized store, you don't need that frustration. 



Headcage - The Stringer Mausoleum - "Ready to Unleash" Headcage in Scarlet - *NEW* Uncommon Gacha Prize @ Totally Top Shelf
Cube - You will end up with a few of these along the hunt, just attach it to your head
Head Alpha - Use any from your Mesh Heads Mesh Bodies 
Skin - The Attic - Twisted Qi Skin in Blaze Tone - Twisted Hunt
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not Free
Nail Appliers - TYKHE - Twisted Special Nail 1 - Twisted Mini Hunt
Dress - Roots & Wings Clothing - Crimson Haunt Dress - Twisted Hunt
Necklace - Pixel Box - Phoenix Necklace - Twisted Hunt 

Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.