Sunday, 18 October 2015

Living Dead Girl

"Crawl on me."
"Sink into me."
"Die for me."
"Living dead girl." 

Yes, I've had that song in mind when I actually saw this mod for the Kemono on my Flickr stream. A lovely photographer and moder named Coralie Zema the owner of JapanDragon offered this really adorable mod for free as a in-store hunt. You have to hunt down the proper box around her store. Yes, there's decoy's around the store.  Another hunt has started the Quest Fur Cover hunt has started and if you're a furry you should be doing this hunt whenever it comes around. Here I found a new store to me called Cat's Cradle. I've seen a few of their items on marketplace for Kemonos and general furry stuff, but once I saw this dress I had to snag it. The QFC hunt ends at the end of the month as well as JapanDragon's so be sure to check both of those stores out. 



Hair: Doe - Spoopy [New][Show in Special Halloween Edition][@ Epiphany]

Kemono Mod: JapanDragon -  Frankenmono Mod [New] 

Kemono Eyes: Haro - Pretty Doll Eyes [Marketplace


Dress: Cat's Cradle - Halloween Aing Black/Purple [New][Free; QFC


Spider: Remarkable Oblivion - Trick or Treat item 2 [Free, Tag Gacha][Be sure you slap the Urn when you do an free prize comes!]

Cuffs: *Boom* - Dollhouse Collar and Cuff set [No longer available] 

Mouthie: MELONopolis - 7. Zomlady Finger // Cutie [Rare][New][@ Cure Con


Pumpkins: Soy - Pumkins assorted [Free; group gift] 

Fence: Soy - Wooden Fence [Free; group gift] 

Skull: Backwoods Mafia - Skull and Candle