Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Here Kitty Kitty

It's a rare occassion that I leave my platform other than to go to my store, run and grab a group gift or visit an event.  I used to roam and explore so much that I've almost forgotten what's like out there in the vast expanse that is SL.  This past weekend the husband and I decided to just random TP around and see what treasures we could find.  During the course of the night he suggested we visit and old favourite sim, Kowloon, to see if much had changed.  It hasn't heh.  It was like walking back in time with the prim and sculpty builds everywhere.  But in one of the little narrow corridors he spotted a poster with kittens on it.  Of course it wasn't just any poster, it was a gacha!

Here Kitty Kitty 1

Toromi Works have this cute little mesh avatar in a gacha machine hidden away in this little narrow corridor and if not for the hubs being a nosey thing and camming everywhere we probably would never have found it.  The machine is only 100L a play and has 12 cats in it.  There's a catch though!  You can collect 10 common cats (shown above and below) as well one rare.  Here's the catch, if you collect all 10 and the rare (which isn't labelled as rare in it's item name so keep an eye out for the name maneki) you can get this extra special Panda coloured cat. 

Here Kitty Kitty 2

Now it took us a little bit of trial and error trying to figure it out (it appears English is not the creators first language.  While they did well to explain in english it can be a little confusing).  There is a little prim in your folder called 'kedama' and a HUD called COMPLETE PRESENT HUD.  The 'complete present' means if you complete the collection you get a present. So once you have all of the cats (10 common, 1 rare), you wear the HUD and you rez out on the ground all 11 of the kedama prims, one for each cat.  Then simply touch the kedama, you'll hear a little blip noise and your HUD will start to change.  Once you have touched all the kedama your HUD will say COMPLETE, TP back to where the gacha machine is and you'll notice a smaller machine just next to it.  Get in nice and close and touch the HUD you have on and you will receive the Panda cat.

Here Kitty Kitty 3

The rare (maneki) comes with it's own little collar as well as a gold disc that, when you first attach, sits on your back.  If you touch the disc you move into this cute sitting position on a red cushion.  All cats have the option f changing between 12 eyes.  Just touch your right ear and it moves forward through the choices.  Want to go backwards to the last eye and not have to cycle through again, just click your left ear to go back.  If you want glowy bright eyes, just touch your nose to cycle through different brightness'.

Here Kitty Kitty 4

Along with these awesome cats there are a few other machines beside them one from Toromi Works and then a couple from a store called JPK (Jinn Pow Kinn) that offer accessories for your avatars. The best part is these are all under $50L (cheapest being $30L). You can pick up things like scarfs, hats, goggles, bandages, robotic arms, bags, hover boards and even rare complete outfits.  I managed to grab a few of these to show off. But my most favourite part of the entire experience was when the husband 'accidentally' touched my tail while we were trying on outfits and there was this growl, my avatar scampered off and then hissed loudly.  It was hilariously cute and took up far too much time giggling and touching each others tails and watching out avatars scamper. In the pic below I've captured the little crouch that the cat does at the end of the scamper when you touch his tail, as well as a quick pic of the hover board.  You rez this then sit on it and it becomes your means of transport.  I really hope you can drive fast things in SL though because they are quite fast and provide hours of laughter crashing into things.

Here Kitty Kitty 5

Mesh Cat Avatar: (left to right) (Gacha - $100L)
Pic 1
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 01 / kuro
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 02 / shiro
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 03 / hachi
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 04 / mike
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 05 / roshi
Pic 2
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 06 / sham
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 07 / chatora
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 08 / kijitora
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 09 / amesho
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 10 / sabi
Pic 3
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 11 / maneki (rare)
Toromi Works - maguromi cat 12 / panda (special)
Pose:  !bang - stand 456

Accessories:  (left to right)  (Gacha items all under $50L)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Crown Set) Crown I
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Crown Set) Crown II
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Mad Hatter II)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Pudding)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Sandwich) RARE
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Bowler Hat+Monocle)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Chief) RARE
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Postman Bag)
Pose:  !bang - Freestylin' 3

Accessories:  (left to right) (Gacha items all under $50L)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Aviator)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Tricorn Hat+Eye Patch Type-2)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Tricorn Hat+Eye Patch Rose)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories (Tank Cap +Binoculars)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Pancake)
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Avatar Chapeaux (Reindeer Cap)
Toromi Works - maguromi scarf
JPK Jinn Pow Kinn - Cat Abatar Accessories  (Jetboard Daofu)
Pose:  !bang - Freestylin' 7