Saturday, 6 June 2015

Gacha Shoes!

I can never seem to find a pair of shoes to match the outfit I am wearing.  Yet I think a third of my inventory is shoes :/ I happened to be at Pure Poison the other day, to pick up jewelery, and I spotted a shoe gacha.  I figured why not give it a go, I liked the look of all the colours anyway.  Just before I hit pay the machine beside it rezzed in properly for me and I saw something I had not come across before.  This gacha machine would give you a FREE pair of shoes for being a group member.  Still just a normal gacha machine in that you get a chance at one item in the list shown.  But it's FREE for group members.  You just wear your tag and touch the machine and tadaaaaa, shoes!

Gacha Shoes I thought this was a brilliant idea so I tapped the machine since I was already wearing my tag and wouldn't you know it, my luck with rares paid off and I got the rare set which I loved.  I then realised that the way these machines were set up, the blue one was the free for group members, was carried out throughout the store.  I noticed multiple shoe gachas where there was one sign with two machines under it and all had a blue one.  Well guess who now has a heap of new shoes that will still probably always complain that she can't wear with anything and need to go buy more clothes to match them!

Skin:  !Imabee - Petal Slink Applier
Body: SLink - Physique Mesh Body
Feet:  SLink - AvEnhance Feet Female Flat, Mid and High  (mesh)
Shoes: (Left to Right)
Pure Poison - Daya Pumps (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Green - Annie Sandals (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Michelle Sandals (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Zodiac Sandals (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Bunny Flats (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Dia Boots - Bubbles (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pure Poison - Ilya Boots (mesh)  *Group Gacha Freebie*
Pose:  exposeur - Cerra