Monday, 20 April 2015

Carry on my wayward hunt...

Hello! For the first time in years, I went on a hunt! And I almost finished it. Almost, because some of the items I just couldn't find and since it was late I was about to gauge my eyes out of my head from tiredness. Then came the long task of unpacking, trying on, sorting, and putting together just one outfit to show you. The hunt features over a hundred stores and lasts until may 1st. Since being away from SL for a long time, I'm glad I did that hunt, a vast majority of the stores were unknown to me. Everything you see on the pictures is from the hunt. With very few exceptions : my shape, my hands and feet, my eyelashes and the background. Oh and my eyes, but I'll tell you about them in a minute. As Shayariel was saying on her blog (and darn I just realised I picked the same shoes), the quality of the items offered on that hunt is amazing, and there are things for every taste. I was inspired by the Wallhanging drape from .T O R O., in Morrocan style, and built my whole look around it. With henna on my hands, I could almost smell the scent of mint tea on a hot late afternoon. Look below for the complete credits.

[Start shameless plug] I said I would mention the eyes, they're not out yet (but will be when I'm done procrastinating). They're part of a new series from BananaBanshee, Fly me to the Moon. They'll be available in a few days at the Free*Style store. [End shameless plug]

All free from the Wayward Hunt (grid-wide, april 17th to may 1st) :

  • Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Alice
  • Hair : Due, Pia (comes with all the colors in huds)
  • Make up : Angelica eye-shadow, Spring Fresh, Peach
  • Necklace : Fetch, Wayward Necklace, My lover's blood
  • Shoes : Essenz, Mumbai, cream 
  • Skirt and blouse : Nyu, Floral blouse and skater skirt
  • Henna hands tattoo : Things, Henna hands tattoo (comes in tattoo layer or SLink applier)
  • Ring : Imeka, rose ring in black/white
  • Poses : mien, Mora 
  • Bench : Kalopsia, vintage bench
  • Wallhanging : Toro, Wallhanging + Lights, Morrocan
  • Nails : Figure, the Nudes