Friday, 13 March 2015

Show me some Skin

Skin Fair 2015 is now open!

Good luck to those of you who try to tp in on the first day, my the grid ever be in your favor.

The build is done in such a fashion that it all rezzes super fast. It was one of the easiest event builds for me to view in a long time.

There is a Script device, at the sim landings, that will boot you if you have a bagillion scripts on, so make sure to not going in all super fab looking, just put something simple on, you are probably going to be trying demos, so just throw on a swimsuit of something.

Obviously I have more stuff from the fair to tease you with.

These striking eyes, called Moon, are from #adored. There are 2 versions for each colour, one with a dark pupil, shown here, and one with a more muted look, almost like a blind eye.

My skin is from Ab.Fab. This is a booth to visit. There is a L$10 St.Patties Day Skin, as well as this skin, and another, for only L$99. They also have a new, event exclusive tattoo in the booth.

Lastly, from the fair, is my black lip tattoo. I am always looking for things, to put on my lips, that make them a bit different. Pin me Down offers a plethora of such things, in their booth, this Sayni lipset being a new, event exclusive. There are 8 colours to the set.

Now to lingerie! Maai has a "new to me" group gift. I am not at all sure when it actually came out. I try to come here and see if there is a new one, about every month, and just happened to get lucky today. This one is sort of tricky to get. Not really, just takes very specific clicking. So head on down to the store, join the group. Behind the entrance wall, you will see a mesh sign, that says group gift. You got to click on the mesh letters, or nothing will happen.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Darknight - Not Free
Skin - Ab.Fab - Amy Lee Skin - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Eyes - #adored - Moon Eyes in Mist - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Lashes - AlaskaMetro - Diva Lashes - L$5 on SL Marketplace
Makeup (lower lip tat) - Pin me Down - Sayni 8 - NEW @ Skin Fair 2015
Hands - Slink - Elegant Pose - Not Free (recently updated)
Nail Appliers - By Snow - Nightshade Appliers - L$50 @ Mainstore (Free Wearable Demos)
Arm Fades & Appliers - Orc Inc - Coal Blends - Not Free
Lingerie - Maai - Riana Lingerie Set - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Headdress - Aisling - Xanthe in Sombre - Ultra Rare Gacha Prize @ Mainstore
Facial Piercings - Phoebe - Facial Piercing Q4 v2 with Texture Change - Not Free
Necklace -  Lassitude & Ennui - Stacked Pearls Necklace (comes in various colours) - Free

Pose by Label Motion

***Special Note - The Photo Studio at Dulce Secrets is free to use, and a public place. Please feel free to use the location for taking pics. There are many pose props and backdrops, as well as poses. I have visited here for a good number years now, on and off. Please be considerate of others, and be dressed. This is not an area where you should prance around nude.***