Friday, 6 March 2015

Never make a Dragon Mage Angry

Why, well they come equipped with wicked long tongues! You don't want to know what they do with those tongues!

While out and about, looking at furry stuff, cause, well, I have never been a furry, I found this awesome fantasy store that caters to both Humans and Furries.

There was some group gifts, so naturally I picked them up, and continued around the store. I didn't actually try on the gift, until today. So it had been sitting in my inventory for about a week.


It's all kinds of awesome, and there is a Death Knight sort of looking one for the dudes, as well as a furry compatible gift set.

I normally try to keep my outfits 75% Free/Cheap, but this armour needed some of my everyday demony bits added. Forgive me my indulgence.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Morning Hunt in L.E. Darkheart - N/A
Hairbase -  Amacci - Hairbase Tattoo 2 in Jet Black - L$0
Skin - La Petite Morte - Maja f7 - Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes - Insufferable Dastard - Fierce Kitty Eyes in Lime - L$25 for a pack of 3 colours
Makeup 1 (Eye Shadow) - [XCW] - Spring Gift 2015 in Green - L$0
Makeup 2 (Eye Liner) - PixyStix - Eyeliner Black - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Mesh Liner - Al Vulo - Cat in Black - Not Free
Tongue -[ni.ju] - Creepy Creature Tongue in Ivy - Not Free
Hands - Europa - Khor Hands in Dark Grey - Not Free
Armour - Eleran's Craft - Celestial Mage Armour in Green - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Horns - Nerdology - Dagora Horns in Black Steel/Emerald - Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Wings - Europa - Shryke Wings in Toxic Tattered - Not Free
Tail - Lemon Tea - Drakodaimonen Tail with Texture Change Hud - Not Free

Poses by [LAP]

Location - Annon