Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Silly Sheep

  I don't know why but I felt the need for animated bubbles with this sheep hat.  It just screams BUBBLE ME!  Bubbles or not it's pretty adorable.  Only 7L!

  This skin is a fun makeup version of a previous release from La Petite Morte.  I can't handle how pretty her skins are.  Even with my missing-toothed smile you should still be able to see how much work she put into these skins!  Here's a no bubble photo for you too. :P

  Check these awesome goods at at Silly Seven through December 17th!
Sheep Hat: Likka House @ Silly Seven, 7L (both black and white ear versions included)
Skin: La Petite Morte @ Silly Seven, 77L, (includes appliers for Lola's, SLink, and Phat Azz also)
Hair base: Tuty's (wearing more than one together)
Eyes: Inkheart, 49L
Tooth Gap: Adore&Abhor @ Silly Seven, 7L