Saturday, 15 November 2014

Designers Wanted!

  Free*Style will be hosting and event on November 27th and we are now opening applications to the public.  If you think you might be interested then read this info. from Helena and the note in bold from me at the bottom about who can't apply:
Silly Seven
Hello Everyone,

It has been 3 years since we have celebrated anything as a Blog, and the last event went very well for all involved.

Some of you might not know your Free*Style History, and that is okay. Free*Style was created by one woman, named Creamy Cooljoke, on October 17th of 2007.

Here is her first post:

Creamy was always doing something crazy, or mixing up fashions you wouldn't normally try to mix.

She was always trying to find new stores, and help promote them to her viewership as a whole.  She discovered many a store, and while the designers might not have credited her for their sudden success, she was always loyal to them, and would continue to help promote them.

There were 4 inworld groups, which had designers sending out info, or just freebie enthusiasts chatting it up. There was a barrage of freebie finders, as the months went on, and eventually more bloggers too. She brought in Guest Designer bloggers, which propelled the blog to a different sort of notoriety

All the while keeping it fun.

The blog has changed hands a few times over the years. RL happens, and Creamy eventually had to phase sl out of her life. When Creamy is inworld, which is very rarely now-a-days, we always include her in ideas we have.

To honor Creamy's vision for Free*Style, we have decided for our anniversary celebration, we are going to do silly things. Yup silly things!


Event Info

Who: Free*Style Blog
What: The Seven Silly Celebration
Where: Hosted on the Solaria Isle Sim - Sponsored by [Circa] and Digital Aura
When: November 27th to December 17th
Cost: None
Why: To celebrate 7 great years of SL Designer promotion


The Idea:

It is our 7th year, and Creamy started on the 17th of October. We could not do anything last month, it was just too busy of a time for the team as a whole, so November seemed like the better plan. The Dates worked out, keeping all the sevens in place, haha.

If any of you remember the 4 year anniversary event, it was all base around fours. 4/44/444. We decided to steal some of that, so this event will be based around sevens.

Your items can be priced at 77, 177, 777, 1777, anything that has a bunch of sevens. Not anything like 137 or 173 though.

The theme is Silly. So think of fun things, silly things, crazy things. It could be a normal shirt, with the words "Unicorn Farts" or socks with ducks on them. It really is a very broad theme.

To help a little I have made a pinboard. Now I don't expect these items to be made, they are just to get you into the sense of fun. It is just so you can see examples of colours or ways for things to be put together.



Cost: Nothing!

Prims - 5LI(Land Impact) for each designer. Store Signboard and Stall do not count towards this total. These will be provided on site. Demos, landmark box, freebie box, these all count against your total.

Items - have to be silly/fun/funny/crazy

Pricing - have to be priced with sevens (77/177/277/377 so on)

Freebies - Not expected, we didn't want this turning into a free event. The Blog is focused around promo items, but we are leaving it up to you if you choose to put something out. If you do, you can set it to L$0 or L$7. If you set it to L$7, please make sure it is in a sign with an ad on it.

Gachas - You may have a single gacha, if you so choose. These will have to be one LI. The Pricing for these can be anything within this range: 7, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 77.

Exclusiveness - the items are to be at the event site only, no other inworld location, until after the event. If you choose to take up the new experiment going on now with events, and add your items to SL Marketplace, please let us know, we will make a SLM shopping guide for the blog.

Setup - This will take place from Nov. 24th until noon slt on Nov. 26th. You will need to be invited to the land group, to set up your items. Please have a group slot available a week before, so we can send out invites.


Added Note from Helena

Since coming back, I have heard a lot of designers complaining about being burnt out. Too many events, too many commitments, not enough time.

Free*Style is basically hosting this, free of charge, for you all. We don't require any of you to participate, and if you do participate, we don't expect crazy, elaborate items. It can be a dress you already have made, but with a redone colour/combo, made up to fit the theme. It can be as simple as a makeup that is all smudged on your face, or a Tee with funny sayings. Or Icecream in your hair.. It doesn't have to be a big item. It doesn't even have to be an item you would normally make. If you are a shoe designer, you don't have to make shoes, you could make a mustache. I'm fine with that.

That is why I didn't ask what sorts of things you normally make, I am nor requiring hair designers to make hair, or clothing designer to make clothing, or skin designer to make skins. All we need is for you to make something, and make it silly/funny/crazy.

If you need help with ideas, Myself (Helena Stringer) and Sileny Noel, we both can help you with that. We are plenty silly.


Here is your event Application, feel free to fill it out, if you wish to participate.

Primary Contact for the Event - Helena Stringer
Secondary Contact - Sileny Noel (only if you can't get Helena)
Land Sponsor Contact - Cherelle Capra - Only contact in regards to issues with the actual event site land
-If you have any content in your store that infringes on someone else's intellectual property don't bother applying, you will not be accepted.
-If you just recolor templates or kits without making an attempt to make it look unique don't bother applying, we want designers releasing things people can't just grab free on the marketplace otherwise.
-If you make X-Rated content only we probably can't fit you in unless you agree to make something PG-13 or below for this event.  It's not an adult sim so we can't allow nudity, etc. :(