Saturday, 29 November 2014

Breaking Necks

  I have had lots of fun trying on things from Silly Seven.  Combining those items with items I have been finding around the grid is tons of fun.  A lot of the stores involved with Silly Seven have gifts in their stores currently or give out gifts sometimes to their customers because they are just generous and awesome.  One of these stores is Show Me on the Doll.  Not only did they make these cool kitty pants for Silly Seven that I wanted to show you but they also have this awesome free shirt in the store.  Sweet!
breaking necks
  This lipstick from Weaponized Sugar (how great of a store name is that!?) matches the orange on the pants.  Well, sort of.  Good enough for me.  :P  The pack comes with lots of colors and is honestly some of the nicest lipstick I have tried in a long time.  It's glossy and gorgeous and comes with a tintable base to make sure it covers the existing lipstick on your skin so that the tattoo lipstick can blend flawlessly.  Also includes Loud Mouth and Omega appliers!  Paired with this questioning-brow skin from Sacrelicious it makes quite the combo.
Hair: Little Bones, group gift in store, 100L join fee, multiple colors included
Skin: Sacrelicious at Silly Seven, 7L
Lipstick: Weaponized Sugar at Silly Seven, 7L for a pack of colors
Shirt: Show Me on the Doll, free (pay it 1L)
Pants: Show Me on the Doll at Silly Seven, 77L
Pose: Everglow, subscriber gift