Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Death Becomes Me

Horror Haute is a themed monthly sales round, catering to those with darker and more alternative tastes in sl. For the month of October, instead of only doing their normal fair, they have added in a bonus round, which is to be the whole month, instead of one week.

The theme they chose for this special round is "Death Becomes". 

That is not all, as this isn't a typical sales event. You can get free prizes. 

More info and pics after the break.

Here is a really quick breakdown of how it works:

1. Join the "Horror Haute" group inworld, it is free to join
2. Get the list of participating merchants
3. Go to the locations you wish to purchase an item from, items are priced from L$100 or less
4. Dig out the Token from your newly purchased item
5. Wear your group tag
6. Go to the token redeeming location
7. Find the right sign(has to be the store the token is from)
8. Get your prize!

The list that is in the group has all the pictures of both the items for sale, and the prizes.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Morning Hunt in Snow - Not Free
Skin - Joli - Nicole in Ghost 6 - L$19 Gatcha Item
Eyes - Repluse - Nocturnal Eyes in Red - Not Free (but there are group gifts here)
Makeup(Face Mask) - SongBird - Mask of the Dead - Token Prize
Hands - Slink - Casual - Not Free
Nail Appliers - By Snow - Zombie Nail hud with 16 variations - L$50 (Free wearable demo version instore)
Shrug - ImmateriA - Livide Shrug in White - Token Prize
Corset - [Abrasive] - Already Dead Corset - Token Prize
Bloomers - Snatch - Bloomers in White - Not Free
Stockings - Snatch - Primrose Stockings in White Net - Not Free
Ballet Shoes - ImmateriA - Livide Ballet Shoe in Grey - L$100 (Token to redeem a free prize inside package)
Mask - SongBird - Mask of the Dead unposed - Token Prize

***Special Note - The Photo Studio at Dulce Secrets is free to use, and a public place. Please feel free to use the location for taking pics. There are many pose props and backdrops, as well as poses. I have visited here for a good number years now, on and off. Please be considerate of others, and be dressed. This is not an area where you should prance around nude.***