Saturday, 27 September 2014

New at Shop Free*Style and More!

  Hello hello hello! Do I have some awesome for you!  Today I bring you some awesome.  Jalwa and Bilo have some awesome items out as cheapies for Shop Free*Style.  For those of you who like your Physique and The Mesh Project bodies there is even something in this for you!!  Joy!  I love it so much every time a designer puts a new item out at Shop Free*Style.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw these.  Love!  I bet you will love them too.  Demos available for both.
  I want to make a special note about my collar.  Lolapop has this collar out at A Clockwork Spiral and it is a charity donation item, giving 100% of its proceeds to the National Kidney Foundation.  Make sure to check out the event for full and partial donation items from lots of brands.  More info. about it can be found HERE.
Dress: Bilo, 10L @ Shop Free*Style
Skin: Jalwa @ Shop Free*Style, 50L (includes skin as well as appliers for Physique and The Mesh      Project)
Collar: Lolapop @ A Clockwork Spiral, 100% charity donation item
Hair: Magika