Thursday, 25 September 2014

Miss VonPirass

Hey Guys! It's been a while! I am back in my digital flesh, ready to tackle the upcoming seasons. I'll talk more on another post, because this one is for something a bit more important than my own avatar.

A Clockwork Spiral is going on strong, after a week the event has raised almost 500k lindens to The National Kidney Foundation.

I want to thank you all for your generosity. While I am not a part of this event, I am normally a part of other events held by the Cursed Team.

I have always done my best to both be in the events, and give them as much coverage as me and our team here, can manage.

Since coming back, I have heard that a lot of events have had trouble with people, flinging around negative comments. Information is key. Often times there is questions that need to be addressed by the events to the general public

Is the Charity real?
Where is my money going?
Was it used for the purpose it was intended for?

and so on.

The Cursed team has always been very transparent, and have tried their best to give as many updates as humanly possible, while running these events.

I really suggest you take a look at the website. There is  FAQ that addresses many of the questions that seem to commonly pop up.

Credits and more photos after the break.

A Clockwork Spiral is a themed charity event. Here you will find all types of Steampunk, Diesel, Post-Apocalyptic, Victorian, Clockwork punk and all the other sub genres.

You may discover some designers you have never seen before.

I felt very inspired to create this Airship Pirate persona. A little dash of colour with the broach from the dress, made by Kita's Sideshow, tied in with my slink nails from  Atomic Faery.

I am in love with these pearl/tentacle rings from Unrepentant. There is a whole bunch of colours, and there is even an event exclusive colour.

Since I need to be able to kick ass at a moments notice, no little lady boots with lace for me, I have some nice stompers to stick in just the right places. These come with a colour change hud, there is even girly fabrics, so these can be made more cutsie. I've never heard of the store which designed these, Refined Wild.

I use to go around the grid as a pirate every once in a while. I actually talk like a pirate a few times a week, much to my children's chagrin. House of Rain made this beauty, and it also has a hud. You can change the leather, metals and gem textures. There is a special charity exclusive of this hat as well, in a colouration you can not create with the hud.

I know I got a little shot happy, but I wanted to make sure I showed everything off properly. These eyes are from the Chop Shop. The outer rim of the iris is actually oil, the bottom drips onto the scalera. I really enjoyed the creative thought that went into these. You all know I'm a sucker for eyes too.

I'm wearing free mesh lashes from BC Designs, and a L$10 Deal skin from The Wash cart sale, which is also going on. There will be more coverage of that event in a later post.

Now, since I didn't end up using my full body shot, I had to take one of this cane. Yes, this is my cane, which is a firearm. Rook poses has this in a pack, with 4 poses which work with the canes. There is a female version and a male version.

I hope you enjoyed, and take some time to adventure on your own. The sim has many photo opportunities, so explore a little. Most of the props(planes, tanks, airship, so on) have poses in them.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Unreleased
Skin - Lumae - Alaska in Icing Tone/Flirt Makeup - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale Event
Eyes - Chop Shop - Diesel in Sugar Blue - L$50 @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event
Lashes - BC Designs - Eyelashes 2 - L$1 on SL Marketplace
Hands - Slink - Casual - Not Free
Nail Applier - Atomic Faery - Lightning Nails Applier Hud - 50% Donation Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event
Dress - Kita's Sideshow - The Inventors Daughter in Blue - 50% Donation Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event
Boots - Refined Wild - SpatSmasher Boots with Hud - 50% Donation Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event
Hat - House of Rain - Stand and Deliver hat with Hud - New Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event
Ring - Unrepentant - The Deep ring in Verdigris - 50% Donation Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event

Walking Stick & Pose - Rook Poses - Gentlewoman's Cane Pose/Prop set - New Item @ A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event

Location  - A Clockwork Spiral