Friday, 27 June 2014

Cherry Banana.

Howdy Free*Stylers. How's everyone enjoying their summer? Lotsa frosty treats + such? Good!
Cherry Banana.
It's nearing the end of the month, which means that many ongoing hunts are ending soon; but you still have a few days yet to scoopie some of these free or $1L hunt gifts that I'm showing here. I thought this $1L retro-patterned, cherry + banana-hued dress offered a notably fresh palette; I added this free boho tote bag + 1 of the uber-glam, toothy lipsticks you can still grab at Pink Fuel for free (group join is currently $0L; I'd definitely recommend staying in this group, since the very generous recent skin gift was given out when group join was no longer free). I also wanted to show a few gifties for those frugalistas holdouts who still haven't yet been able to purchase Slink hands + feet: I'm wearing some nice free color-change mesh nails for non-Slink hands courtesy of Pulcino's newest lucky board, and a pair of free strappy red sandals (with red toenail polish) for non-Slink feet. -- And in other news, I think my new free penguin friends here expected some exciting ice-related things with this free blender & fruits set; unfortunately, my lack of talents in the blending department soon became all too evident. Hehe.

Cherry banana love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Lipstick: Pink Fuel - [PF] Shine Lipstick (Pink) - GROUP GIFT - (group join is currently $0L) - free
Dress: .BG. Minimarket - Mesh Dress with Bow 3 - I'm (red) - I'm a DeMoN 1L Hunt - find/buy round red demon head - $1L
Tote: 2PM - Eco bag / noah - join group for $0L; touch gifts on 2nd floor (more free totes here) - free
Penguins (worn on head, shoulder + placed on bag): d-lab - penguin(wear) GG - group gift - join group for $0L + touch signs (more free group gifts here) - free
Mesh nails (for non-Slink hands): *pulcino* - Mesh Nail "FRIOFRIO" - lucky board prize - free
Shoes (for non-Slink feet): **Brii Underground Wear** - Peep Toe Hells 146 Red (included in **FREGGA RED RISQUE STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT **) - Sun and Fun Hunt #042 - find/buy sun icon prim for $0L - free
*NOTE: for those seeking more non-Slink feet shoes, there is another nice pair of neutral sage green wedges as a hunt prize here; find/buy the beach ball icon prim for $1L for this hunt here
Golden wrist cuff, blue pearl ring & iphone: MoiMoi - Kylie Wrist Band-Black (included in MoiMoi Selfie Chique Outfit Updated(wear)); Circle  R1-GOLD & Iphone 5C-Yellow (both included in MoiMoi Summer Hopes Outfit(wear); *NOTE (for stylists): these items are unfortunately not mod) - join SLF&O group for $0L + click signs (many gifts here) - free 
Blender fruit box: TCHELO'S @ SFF - !BRazilian Minds Fruit Box (hold) - SFF 2 ice cream. Gift SFF (TCHELO'S) - buy ice cream cone for $0L; many more free or $1L gifts here - free
Necklace: NCparis - love Necklace - join group for $0L + touch necklace - free
Earrings: Zuri Rayna - Chocolate Trillian - Earrings SLCH #42 - find/buy small lavender candy bag for $0L - free
Hair: little bones. - Les Garcons - paid group gift (several other paid group hair gifts here) - free
Wooden frame glasses: [Z O O M] - Weed's Wood Sunglass - The Men Only Hunt 4 (MOH4) prize - previously free (this hunt has ended, but you can grab free glasses at 2PM - see above) 
Pose: Diesel Works - Summer Gift Part 2 - buy tan shopping bag in middle of platform for $0L - free