Monday, 4 November 2013

Cold Already

  Stupid winter.  I live in a state that is pretty much only known for being cold.  It's already like see your breath cold outside.  I have to wear socks inside all the time or my feet turn into ice cubes.  So lame.  At least now I can keep my avatar looking warm for cheap!
  This outfit includes all the pieces shown.  It says "demo" but it's a wearable demo.  It also comes with shoes!  There are more freebies/cheapies in the Marketplace store as well.  More details and deals below!
Outfit: Orange Pekoe @ Marketplace, 10L wearable demo
Skin: Adore&Abhor, 0L on Marketplace.  Will be inworld eventually but I'm kind of lazy. :P
Hair: Lamb, heavily edited for the photo
Pose: Pretense