Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mad Dayal and the Thunder Rally

When his sister was taken, they told him there was only one way to get her back. He had to race for her.
With the various mutative diseases that plagued the earth, after World War 5, females were scarce. Okay, maybe not scarce, but the ones that could reproduce healthy babies, yes, they were the ones who were scarce. Rival Tribes often kidnapped those healthy women. It had become a trend to disfigure them to hide them, which was often a sour point with their families.
Their family moved often, as they didn't want to tarnish the beauty of their only girl child.
This was something those rebel tribes didn't know, thinking these poor backwoods folk unable to muster the proper gear for a full on race. At least 4 times a year one of the boys would have to do the race, to regain their sister. Out of all of them, Dayal was the best.
He was known as the Rust Warrior, with his trusty Steed, a pieced together motorcycle their father built. His mother made him Warrior Wings, like those of the days of old, which made an aweful sound in the wind, as he sped past. His older brother had once shot a pack of wolves, following the family, so they each had capes of wolf plets.
The Rebel Tribes were nothing but shocked when Dayal arrived at the start line. They were further shocked when their own team of 12 riders didn't return at the end of the race.

Too bad his charm was wasted on his only sister. In another time, in another place, he would have been modeling underwear.
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