Friday, 20 September 2013

Want To Join Us?

  Hi all!  The holidays are steadily approaching which means hunts, gifts, and event galore.  That means more free and cheap goodies to blog.  Helena and I (the current active Free*Style owners) chatted about it and decided we would be willing to add a few more bloggers here.  Yay more people!
Free*Style Wants You!

  Would you like to join us?  If so please take an example photo and add it to the Free*Style Flickr pool with something is the title along the lines of "trying out for Free*Style" or "Free*Style app." or anything similar that we could easily recognize.  Make sure we can find your name on it too!
  We are looking for both guest bloggers and regular bloggers so either one is welcome.  Thanks for reading and hope some of you want to join us. :D
  You can find the Free*Style Flickr pool HERE.