Sunday, 8 September 2013

Twisted Season is HERE

This was suppose to be a nice and quick post, but sort of turned into something altogether different.

I was talking to an old friend today, who I saw pop on. Ashia Tomson,  who was once a Free*Styler on here as well, has been away from sl, almost as long as I.

Our chat was great, but it reminded me to go check out her shop, to see what I might have missed while away. The Skin I'm wearing is from her store, Idiosyncrasy. There is this version plus a black/white version up for grabs, for only L$10 each.

I also wanted to show you these Adoness Eyes, currently a prize in The Twisted Fall Hunt, which are new! There is the promise of a whole line after the hunt, which is exciting.

Once I got the eyes on, I gave in and did a whole Twisted Hunt look. It really was only going to be a headshot. The look lead to me wanting to do a location shot, and I decided to go to my buddy Xjet's new themed sim, DeadPool.

The Elephant picked me up in it's trunk, and I found out I have a gravity defying necklace! I am so in love with this upside down shot.

I'll try to get more of the Twisted Hunt items up during the rest of the month.


Hairbase - MADesigns - The Core - Not Free
Skin - Idiosyncrasy - Natasha in Sepia - L$10
Eyes - Adoness - Bestia Eyes in Teal - L$0 Twisted Hunt Item
Makeup 1(Red Scar) - Corvus - Bad Eye Tattoo - L$0 Twisted Hunt Item
Makeup 2(Cat Liner) - Mock - Cleo Eyeliner in Black - Not Free
Makeup 3(Shadow/Liner) - The Plastik - Soul Ink Reloaded in Darkness Liner - Not Free
Dress&Boots - Malfean Visions - Dark Quinn - L$0 Twisted Hunt Item
Necklace - The Little Bat - Creepy Clown Necklace - L$10 Twisted Hunt Deal
Hat(Tinted to Match) - Death Row Designs - Carni Hat - L$0 Twisted Hunt Item

Location - DeadPool

I took some location shots, more after the cut.