Friday, 16 August 2013

Shop Free*Style Fridays - Look 2

This week's Look from Shop Free*Style is here! 

She sort of looks like a really angry bride, it was totally unintentional.

I was pleasantly surprised when I put on this skin and shape combo from La Petite Morte by Voshie Paine. I am so use to having my own shape, I normally only try others if they are free and I'm featuring it for an event I'm covering, or maybe a hunt. The combo is something worth paying full price for, but you get it discounted my friends! I paired it with a Mock Cosmetics eye makeover to create a more unique makeup styling. I left the lips, cause well, look at those lips!

~~~ Pro Tip for the Hair Wreath ~~~

This is a NO MOD item, which means it might get tricky trying to find the right hair to go with it. Also the centre point of the item is the back bow, so it gets sort of funky when you go to move/rotate it around on your head. Pick a day when you have the patience to play around, as this item is worth the hassle of using edit mode.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum
Shape & Skin - La Petite Morte - Lindley Free*Style Edition - L$25
Eyes - Butterfly Kiss Boutique - Express Eyes in Free*Stylemochalota - L$0
Lashes - Void
Makeup - Mock Cosmetics - Party all night/Indifference in Desert Sand - L$0
Nailpolish - Rezlpsa Loc - Marigold Nails - L$5 per play Gacha
Dress - SySy's - Sparkle Gown in Chandni Green - L$1
Hair Wreath  - Mystic Sky - White Rose with Ribbons - L$10
Jewelry Set - Dragon Charm Designs - Forever Loved Jewelry Set - L$25
Ring - Eclectica  - Bibelot Ring in Turquoise & Silver - L$15 per play Gacha
Heels - Baby Monkey - Cachet Pumps in Black(Colour Change Bow) - L$0

Pose 1 - Picture This - Bold Confidence 3 - L$10
Pose 2 - Bang - Free*Style Pack A1 - L$10
Pose 3 - Le Poppycock - Incidental - L$5