Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ancient blogger emerges from the murky depths

Kat's group gift glasses, for SL Free*Style

Oh hai. Remember me? No? That's because I haven't posted here in … … *checks geological clock* … Ah anyway. Today while I was randomly chatting with the biatchies who run this joint, I asked if anyone had blogged Katat0nik's group gift glasses yet. "You do it," someone said. Then I bit my lip and tried to remember how to post to SL Free*Style.

Turns out that being ancient hath its privileges. My login totally still worked, because I'm one of the oldbies who slept with Creamie Cooljoke. Just kidding, I'm one of the few who haven't, not even as my "extreme sport" horseboy avatar, I swear. Anyway, as I was saying, I had to remember how to post. Something about everything being cheap, right? I'm so admittedly disconnected after such a long hiatus that I cheated and hit the Marketplace. That's where my outfit is from! The rest I will reveal in the…

Outfit credits:


Glasses: Katat0nik (green) Strawberry Glasses and Floral Glasses (Group costs 250L to join)
Dress, tights, shoes, bracelet, fingertape, etc: AdN dark princess outfit from the Marketplace - 1L
Tattoos: Unicorn Tattoos for Starlust from ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude, at the Starlust trailer - 10L
Hair: Schadenfreude Circus Hair Group Gift, Coco (with hud) (Group costs 250L to join)
Skin: Frick Gatcha Ocean Lolly and Blood Lolly skins, at the shop gatcha - 5L / play
Eyes: Frick Gatcha Blood Lolly Eyes, at the shop gatcha - 5L / play

Not as cheap:

Mandala fingernails in women's short, with hud
Blue eyes: Plastik VaeColl - Starlight
Ring: Hate Me and Eat Me Rhapsody Ring in night
Horns: Aisling Marangki horns from the fantasy gatcha festival