Friday, 21 June 2013

I'll Make It Up

I was browsing the Marketplace ('s like my favorite SL activity these days, haha) and I found tons of free and cheap makeup.  Below is only a small example of what you can find.  The first picture on the top left is a skin with no makeup.  The rest are how it looks with the layers on.  Results may vary, of course.  Enjoy!
makeover page 1
makeover page 2
Skin: Tuli
Hair: Exxess

Top Photo, Left to Right:
1. (no makeup on skin by Tuli)
2.Eyelure, 1L
3. Natural Beauty, free ,also includes sculpted lashes
4. R3i, free
5. Pautina, free ,includes multiple wear options

Second Photo, Left to Right:
1. R3i, free
2. Glamorize, 5L, includes eye shadow and teeth option as well
3. Glamorize, 5L ,includes teeth option as well
4. Glamorize, 16L ,many colors included
5. Glamorize, 1L ,lipstick and blush included as well