Saturday 16 February 2013

Happy Birthday KittyCats!

  So anyone that knows me knows that I love me some KittyCats.  Whenever there is a special cat release I get super excited.  What gets me even more excited are free special cats!  Right now for the KittyCats birthday celebration you ca get TWO free cats with food!! Aaaah!!
Happy B-Day KittyCats!
  To get the girl cat you just have to go to the KittyCats main store and click the birthday cake next to her.  Easy!  The boy cat is a bit harder to get.  You first have to go to the main store and click the cake next to him.  You will get an LM to the first location where you must hunt for a little cake.  When you click the cake it will give you the next LM to hunt at.  Repeat this process for a total of 12 stores.  When you find them all you can go back to the KittyCats main store and click the cake by the boy cat again to receive your very own version.  The hunt cakes are NOT easy to find and the locations can be a bit laggy.  I suggest joining the KittyCats group to ask questions if you are having a rough time since the members are always super friendly and helpful.
  Remember that these are breedable pets ad once the free food is gone you will need to feed them in order to keep them healthy.  This is a great way for someone starting out in the breedables game to get a taste of what it is like or a great gift for those who already have and love their KittyCats.
  Check them out at the main store HERE.