Sunday, 14 October 2012


Gaaaah!  I get so excited when Halloween comes around!  I love dark makeup, spooky decor and all things creepy.  This skin isn't creepy but it does have the dark makeup. :D  I love the shimmer of the eyeshadow especially.  Get it free as a group gift from Rockberry.
My hair is from Mina and is currently available at the Cinema event.  This event is times ten.  One of my fave events of the year so far.  It's worth a visit just for the build!  This hair is available in lots of colors and there is another style at the event that has a Catwoman-style mask attached.  Check it out!
Skin: Rockberry, group gift (lots of other free things in store too, like lucky chairs and stuff)
Hair Mina @ Cinema (headband is texture change mesh)
Eyes: Umeboshi