Saturday, 1 September 2012

Too many hunts to Sleep

Hi Guys, this time I need to talk less and show you more! There are too many great hunts going on sl right now, so I will try to send the reference of them for you all.

In this post you will see Summer Harvest Hunt ( looks for an acorn ends september 21th), Homestuff hunt (looks for a t-shirt ends september 3rd) and Fairest of Them All Hunt ( looks for a crystal shoe ends september 15th). All FOTA items are 5L each.

On Isabelli

Top: [LF]Tops w/Tanks SmokeGirl - SHH by Louise Marsault

Pants: .evolve.patched.cords. (pumpkin) {SHH Gift} by BellaStarr Fhang for SHH

Necklace: Jamman Jewels Copper Leaves Necklace by Jamman for SHH

Hair: (fd) Sunday - Brunette 8 by Toast Bard (non free)

Skin: >Rb< Sienna Skin / Culture Shock / Light / Red Brows by LittleRedBird (non free)

Shoes: E&O Hippiclog Bark b Ollilu (non free)

House: *ionic* once upon a time... by lakua Arriaga for FOTA Hunt, only 5L (vines, lights and paintings included)

Sunflowers: SSP Sunflowers by Calypso Sparrowtree for SHH

Barley Crop: [ Organica ] Barley Stook by Aki Shichiroji for SHH

Chairs, doormat, Garden shelf with flower and mesh birdhouse:  CLEO DESIGN -homestuff hunt gift by Cleom Bailey

Apple tree: PNP ~ Picking Apples 1 by kay Weston for SHH

Wall Rack: Sway's Wall Rack [Inside] SHH Gift by Sway Dench

Round Sit: sweet harmony chair <3 Kessi Andretti (freebie)

Chair: Trompe Loeil - NYC66 Chair HOMEstuff Hunt Exclusive Version by Cory Edo for Homestuff Hunt

Bench: ~:{L.H.O.C.}:~ Autumn Begins Bench - MESH by Lindsay Pinelli SHH

Wall decal over the bench: Wall Candy - Fall Foliage 1 by Crys Lexenstar for SHH

Crate stack: Baffle! [Crate Stack.] by Samantha Smadga

Chair and Prints: {what next} Kendal Occasional Chair & Collage Prints by FrankLee Anatra for Homestuff Hunt

Round Swing: Prism Furniture Fall Near Swing by Lilly Juno for SHH