Monday, 23 July 2012

Someone Please Give Me a Nap, I'm So Tired

But even though I am tired I have a post for you!  I wanted to make sure I did this post today because there is a sale I wanted to let you know about and it ends tomorrow.  Somnia has everything in the store marked down to 50% off! I thought this vest was pretty cute with its sexy little buttons popping slightly open.  You can pretty much get any  type of clothing at Somnia: hand drawn, sculpt, mesh, etc.  Check it out! I wore the vest with these cute group gift shorts from Echo.  Included in the gift there are 2 colors and each color includes two belt color options.  The belt is modifiable mesh.
sale and free
My tattoo and eyebrows are part of the hunt gifts from the Makeup and Tattoo hunt.  The eyebrows are from The Sugar Garden and include several colors to match your hair.  My chest tattoo is from Little House of Curios and comes in all top clothing layers and has several opacity options.  My hair is a new mesh hairstyle from Exile at Hair Fair.  It includes a butterfly attachment as well.  It's not free but part of the proceeds go to Wigs For Kids so yay!
Vest: Somnia, part of the store wide 50% off sale, goes through the 24th
Shorts w/Belt: Echo, group gift in store
Chest Tattoo: Little House of Curios, hunt gift
Eyebrows Tattoo Layer: TSG, hunt gift
Hair: Exile @ Hair Fair, partial donation item
Skin: Adore&Abhor