Thursday, 19 July 2012

It's Better to Give

  I ran all the way here to tell you about these great items.  I think I have a cramp in my side.  *Sweats and cries and whines*  OK, maybe I just felt like making my avatar look she had a workout so I don't have to. :D  Anyway...
 There are two major events going on right now that have donations linked to them.  One of them is Hair Fair where every store provides items with 15%-100% of the profits going to Wigs For Kids, which you can learn more about HERE..  The second one is One Voice, a fundraiser for Gala Phoenix to raise money for her legal fees which you can find Eden talking about HERE for more information.  Nothing in this post is free.  I was going to do this on my personal blog but here at Free*Style we have always been about supporting important causes, as well as designers themselves, so since these items are all for donation I figured I should show them here!  So, yeah, not free, but all donation.  And so cute!  Like this gorgeous hair from Alice project, in a flawless mesh, this skin from Lara Hurley, with just about the nicest stomach I have seen on any skin in SL, or this sexy/cute lingerie from Nzuri named...Sileny.  *Does a dance*
  And if you need some sexy heels to match your lingerie check out these heels from N-Core!
  Thanks for looking and I hope you can help support causes that are dear to you in some way, whether or not they are the ones listed here.
Skin: Lara Hurley @ One Voice, donation item
Lingerie: Nzuri @ One Voice, donation item
Hair: Alice Project @ Hair Fair, donation item
Shoes: N-Core @ One Voice, donation item
  All above items listed donate anywhere from 15%-100% to their respective causes