Thursday, 5 July 2012

Group Ejection Information

  Hi all!  I have started clearing out the inactive members from the Free*Style group by ejecting those who haven't logged in in over 6 months.  I may even go as far as those who haven't logged in over 3 months, I just have to see how this goes first.
  The Free*Style group and store are getting completely made over so hang tight while we work out the details.
  If you have been ejected accidentally I sincerely apologize and please feel free to join again.
  If you are a designer of high quality, original merchandise and you would like to join the group please send your LM, name, store name, and any Flickr/Marketplace/store blog links that you may have on a note card to Sileny Noel.

  Thanks for your patience and we hope this new year will be fun!