Monday, 28 May 2012


OK I have no title, my brain no worky good today.  I have been having tons of problems rezzing items, changing clothing, etc. on my man av and haven't got to blog nearly enough.  I found I am able to take pics on my male alt though so that's great!  Well, sort of great since I don't take wonderful man pics BUT it helps to calm the blog bug at least.  Anyway, enough rambling.
This mesh jacket is a hunt gift from Kauna that I thought was pretty cool.  Every time you wear it the color changes and you have no control over that.  This time it was green and royal blue, another time it was purple and baby blue.  You never know!  While you can't exactly pre-plan an outfit around the jacket, it's fun to see what color you get each time.
Jacket: Kauna, hunt gift
Skin: MiaSnow
Hair: Boon
Hair Base: 99 Elephants
Mustache: Antebellum
Glasses: Alphavillain