Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cinco Cinco Cinco

or maybe I'm not so sure that Fallacy can cook.  OK, today is Cinco de Mayo, which most of us Yanks think of as a Mexican holiday really is not celebrated in most areas of Mexico but more of a huge marketing event for alcohol distributors and chain restaurants like On the Border.  If you have to do it in RL, go find a local Mexican restaurant and eat something yummy there.  My opinionated nerdishness aside, my dear friend, Fallacy DeCuir of FDD Decor is reopening her store on a new sim.  She is hosting a Cinco de Mayo themed partay at her new store at 2 - 4 PM SLT today.  Fallacy can throw a great party and there will be music dancing and gifts!   Friend Andel Rhiadra from A.D.D. Andel and Vershel Ladyl from Vershe have also thrown in some prezzies and Fallacy has lowered the cap on her new Midnight Mania and the time on the Lucky Chairs, so you might get lucky if you stick around.  The new island is gorgeously decorated and worth exploring.
The adorable bench is one of the gifts from FDD Decor.  It has many animations including the one above where I look like the dork that I am.  The nachos with nuclear cheese give out a basket and a single chip.  The teeny tiny taco and marguerita are also from FDD and I know lots of foodie collectors her in SL that just might want to get those.
Nom nom nom nom
If you are simply stumped on what to wear to such a party, Deco has some amazing new mesh items that are fun and so realistic.  These aren't freebies but top quality and so worth it.  I'm showing here the serape, or poncho, that comes in both male and female version and includes a larger size, the mucho ossum sombrero and maracas that you can make work by tapping your mouse or you can shoot them through a mouselook.  Who knew musical instruments had such lethal potential, even more than plurk. The "crocs", skirt and skin I am wearing are donation items at Culture Shock which started yesterday and runs through the 26th.  I hope to show some of the gifts I found there but the event is primarily a fabulous shopping event that benefits Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).  It is jammed packed right now so you might want to wait a few days. It is worthy to note that if you are wearing more than 50 scripts on your avatar you will be unable to pass the landing point. This includes any huds, AOs, resizers, texture changers, etc that are on so many of our items.  Leave them at home; most people will have you derendered anyways.  I know I'm always so bummed, too, when I have to accept all over again that I am not the centre of the universe.  Anyway, party on!  Tell Fallacy that Eden sent you!

Credits: (look here for store slurls at Culture Shock 2012; main landing point here)
Bench: FDD: Boardwalk Bench: Opening Gift
Foods: FDD: Margarita / Taco: Opening Gifts
Pennants: A.D.D. Andel: Opening gifts at FDD
Hat: Deco: Mesh Bandito Sombrero (not free)
Serape: Deco: Mesh Her Bandito Poncho
Maracas: Deco: Mesh Maracas
Donkeys: on floor:  Usagui My Field: Donkey small (not free): store is gone!
                on table: Clutter: Donkey Statue (not free)
House, rug, table: All from Zigana (not free)
Skin: Adore and Abhor @ Culture Shock: yay Sileny
Skirt/Shorts: G*Field @ Culture Shock: Frill Shorts
"Crocs": Gos @ Culture Shock: Gator Sport Clogs (w. tomato add on)