Saturday, 3 March 2012


I wanted to run in quick to share these fun shoes that are a group gift from Ladies Who Lunch.  Oftentimes people will call their store's style "avant garde" when really they just put random prims all over and make a mess of something and...yeah; LWL, however, *is* always ahead of the time, making glamorous pieces, and sometimes even makes things that are fun, good quality and unique.  These shoes are a little more on the silly/quirky side, as opposed to their usual high fashion style, and that's what I love about this.  Taking a moment away from the serious and doing something fun is why I adore SL in general.  Gimme all the cupcake things, please! LOL.
Please be aware that this group has a 250L join fee.  This NOT a free group!  The group does get fun things in the notices fairly frequently, 5% store credit on purchases, as well as a heads up on sales and special, etc. that no one else will know about so, if it's your thing, the group could be worth it for the fee.  Please also be aware that you need a mesh compatible viewer to see these shoes properly.
Shoes: Ladies Who Lunch, 250L join fee (mesh)
Stockings: Sheer