Friday, 9 March 2012

Getting Rough

Hi all!  Check out what I have for you today!  My lovely mesh hair is from Exile and is a subscriber gift.  not sure how long it will be available but as of this morning it still was.  My skin is from CStar and is only 19L a pop in the gacha!  There are other gachas there and you can even win one version of this skin free in the lucky board.  My shorts are one of a zillion hunt gifts you can get from Chandelle in store (see more HERE.)  My knee pads are from a new to me creator, Vikki Placebo, and they are mesh and they are awesome and color change and they are not free but you need them. Well, I needed them, you might too.  It's nice to bend my av's legs without things strangely poking through my thigh.
rough and tough_009
Other Stuff and Details:
Mesh Hair: Exile, subscriber gift in notices
Miss Pisces Skin: CStar, 19L per try gacha
Shorts: Chandelle, hunt gift (one of many)
Mesh Knee Pads: Vikki Placebo on marketplace
Shirt: Randomocity, 99L
Tights and Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc
Shoes: Hoorenbeek