Monday, 26 March 2012

$1L Mesh Sunglasses at Bitch/Bastard

HoD  $1L Mesh Glasses

Bitch/Bastard Mainstore has 4 sets of mesh sunglasses on sale for $1L. Each set has a girl and guys set, and there are 4 different lens colors per set.  My redneck math says $4L gets you 16 different sunglasses.  Go grab them!  TP to Bitch/Bastard

I am also wearing the new Corona Radiata piercing from HoD. It is part of a two part set, I am only wearing the chest piercings. I also comes with facial piercings for guys and ladies. The Corona Radiata is on sale for the Horror Haute event from the 25th until the 31st.  On April 1st it will be in HoD mainstore for the regular price.  TP to HoD