Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Happiness

OK so Mons has some wonderful VIP gifts out right now.  In the group notices you can find this lovely skin and in the store you can find a red-lipped skin and red dress combo!  This designer is always really generous but giving out two skins within two weeks that are this nice is over the top!  The cost to join is currently 100L but, um, 100L for 2 skins and a dress?  Totally worth it!  The eyebrows on the skin are lovely but I couldn't get them to work right on my big fat head so I used the eyebrow remover from La Petite Morte to cover them up (it's only 10L and tintable to match just about any skin) and just put one of the eyebrow tattoo layers from Cupcakes (came with the London skin but might be in the demo as well, not sure) over it.  Multiple layers for the win!  I then put on the free eyelash layer from Cheap Makeup and I was quite satisfied. 
My necklace (by Lolapop!) and my dress (by Somnia) can both be found at the new event called Etheria.  They aren't free but are both fairly priced and the event is pretty cool so check it out!  My hair is from Clawtooth by Clawtooth and was a part of the last FLF event.  It is still on sale for 50L at the time of this post for a 2 color pack but it could be taken away any time so hustle your bustle if you want it.  My tattoo is from Radicalism and isn't free and it's old but I wear it a lot and still love it. xD  Finally, my eyes are my go-tos from Croire and my pose is from Long Awkward Pose.  Enjoy!
*Read the post because some stuff is complicated so no quick credits this time. :P