Wednesday, 11 January 2012

LOTD For 1-11-12

EDIT: I had listed the tattoo below as not being found earlier when I posted this blog but I found the tattoo after all, it's only 5L on Marketplace!  Links and stuff at the bottom, as usual
I'll finish the second half of the tutorial later today.  They take forever to do and I don't have time at the moment so I thought I would share a quick LOTD with some free and cheap goodies involved!  This look makes me feel really young, fresh and stylish.  Love!
 My eyes are from Umeboshi, a new to me store, and they are only 1L in this color.  Also if you join the subscriber you get two free tees sent automatically.  My hair is from Action and is this month's VIP group gift.  They give out a gift just about every month, some months have been more than once since I've joined, and the group has gotten discounts and all sorts of stuff before so it's way worth the join fee.  My skin is a group gift in store from My UglyDorothy.  It's been out a while already but dang it's so cute!!  My top is 88L at Collabor88 from Willow.  I really like the almost vintage vibe to it.  Check the credits for more information below. :D
Hair: Action Hair, VIP group gift (250L join fee, comes with several colors)
Skin: My UglyDorothy, group gift in store
Eyes: Umeboshi, 1L
MESH Shirt: Willow @ Collabor88, 88L
MESH Shorts and Earrings: Beetlebones
Nail Polish Glove Layer: RezIpsa Loc
Cross Tattoo Gloves: J. Dikes @ Marketplace, 5L (comes on glove and tattoo layer, 2 opacity levels, tintable)