Monday, 16 January 2012

If the world's gonna end, may as well look good, yes?

Greetings! I simply LOVE any and everything apocolypse related. So, good news for me and those of you who share that kind of end of the world love >:D. Read on....Indigo Oddities ANYH
So yea, there's currently an apocolypse themed hunt running. Woot! This full kicktush outfit is the ANYH gift from Indigo Oddities. Me luffs it!
Sacred Fantasy ANYH
Aaaaaaand something a little different, also from the ANYH. This whole outfit is from Sacred Fantasy. Thought it'd be kinda cool for rp, a costume party or shopping in a posh sim lol. What the heck, it's SL.

Hope you liked the post!
Luff n Sticky Stuff

Look 1
Hair - Magika
Skin - :[Plastik]: - Not sure if it's for sale anymore. D:
Outfit - Indigo Oddities - ANHY gift
Boots - Ju
Look 2
Hair - Fab.Pony - ***hair base not included, that's why they don't match lolz***
Skin - Same as above.
Outfit - Sacred Fantasy - ANYH gift
Boots - Same as above